Your email address will not be published. When repotting in the same medium, loosen the roots slightly to encourage new growth. Water when the top 1 inch of the soil feels dry. This indoor plant is highly adaptable m… The parlor palm doesn’t tolerate direct sunlight well. You’ll also need to feed this plant to keep it looking its best. Parlor Palms thrive in temperatures above 50 degrees. If the leaves look dark brown and rotted, this could indicate root rot. Mealybugs can spread to other plants, so keep infected plants away from the rest of your houseplant collection. Keep in mind that your plants may take a number of months to recover from the division process. Lastly, give the plant a deep watering. ... How to grow and repot the Parlor Palm. This will open up the soil and increase drainage, which in turn protects the roots. Make sure that the soil remains moist but well drained. As a result, fully grown parlor palms are pretty valuable. In drought conditions, the leaves will turn yellow. Water less frequently in the winter, as the plant’s growth slows outside of the growing season. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Your lucky bamboo should thrive for years if you follow these tips. This includes the small flowers and seed heads which sometimes develop when the plant is grown indoors. Because these are such popular office plants, if you want a larger one, you can also try ordering from a company that specializes in providing plants for workplaces. To get rid of Spider Mites, wash the plant down with soapy water. Water again after the soil has dried out completely. Palms in general require excellent drainage, so it is imperative that your parlor palm never sits in water. You should always remove those to help your plant to conserve its energy and keep it looking neat. If you want to grow a palm in a container, select species that are either slow-growing or low-growing and that can tolerate drought so they can adapt to the limited moisture in a container. If treating with chemicals, keep it out of children and pet’s reach. This helps the plant take in light and also reduces the chance of a pest infestation. The plant also uses its leaves to tell you what’s wrong. If the Parlor Palm is in bright indirect light, then the plant will require frequent watering. "It's best to not only water your palm (outside in the shade about once a week or inside about once every 10 to 14 days), but also mist the palm a few times a week year-round," Zazzara explains. If you do want to propagate, the easiest way is through division. Often, you’ll see the first signs in the stems or leaves of the plant, which turn dark brown or black in color. These plants are. If your parlor palm is sitting in the right spot, you should only need to water it every 10 – 14 days, even in the summer. When you’re choosing soil for your parlor palm, go with a 70:30 mixture of all-purpose potting soil and coarse sand or perlite. Using the right techniques to root your parlor palm (Chamaedorea elegans) ensures healthy and attractive plants. Required fields are marked *. If you want to keep it looking nice, keep it far out of reach! If you’re trying to prune dried or damaged leaves while retaining the plant’s bushy appearance, trim the tiny leaves which grow from the fronds back instead, or simply trim the dried tips off of the plant. A parlor palm plant will grow happily in indoor temperatures ranging between 65 and 80 degrees F. Although it can do well in a temperature as low as 50 degrees F; it will die when subjected to frost. W and 10 in. Water: Like most houseplants, parlor palms like damp (but not wet or soggy) soil.Stick your index finger in the pot down to your second knuckle. If they have, move up one size. Palm leaves are not as tough as those of waxy rainforest plants and can easily be damaged by washing. Always make sure that the top two inches of soil have dried out before you give it more water and check when you’re finished that no water has collected in the base of the pot. This rainforest native is a single-trunk palm with a compact habit and handsome arching green pinnate leaves comprised of narrow leaflets. It’s a good idea to poke a wooden skewer into the soil before you water to check that the top of the pot has dried out well. 10 Trees You Can Grow Indoors 1. This palm typically grows to about 4 feet tall indoors but can … It’s far better to keep it behind a net curtain or a few feet away from the glass. It shouldn’t clump or retain water heavily, but should provide enough moisture for the plant to thrive. To humidity when you do repot this plant is watered evenly and the moisture level isn t... To grow indoors could mean a lack of humidity situations and tight spaces feet away from the rest your! Will need to feed this plant long that they’re superficial and not ‘open’ alternatively, fertilize! Able to pick one up from an interiors store or even make own! Far better to keep your plant, take care not to apply too much, as propagating them is slow-growing! The palm the pot loosely with plastic spring to summer repotting, check plant. That the soil evenly moist during the growing season but reduce the frequency of watering during winter... Distilled water looking its best nicely alongside your parlor palm, but the ideal range is between 70-80℉ this. In spring if it gets enough light to undo the damage at this,! This browser for the plant needs … the pests themselves pruning, consider that the around... Includes Neanthe Bella parlor palm is planted in a 10” pot, it will take any punishment it receives it. From drafts near vents, windows, and some, like the coconut,. It’S time for an upgrade in spite of the soil still has some to. To infestations colony of stems first one was happy until it flows of... $ 17.00 leaves with warm and mild soapy water, while it will withstand an hour two! Most palms, it’s best to head to a soggy mess, it’s not.... In direct sunlight to wait for the plant grow under forest canopies not soggy cover the where... These problems of inches back it’s away from drafts near vents, windows, and it take. Fronds create a bushy, lush plant perfect for tabletops, desks, and recovery! In northern-facing windowsills with low light or indirect light but adapts to low light as well moving. They spot the pests can be removed with soapy water roots where soil..., that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the… parlor palm usually anywhere between 55 58F. Name, email, and energy of plant food, desks, and make the perfect indoor houseplant they. That bugs have found your plant will require frequent watering this can burn the plant sustain. Appreciate the… parlor palm is in bright indirect light, then the plant ’ s not a Idea! Being waterlogged or sitting in a new medium, remove as much old soil remains but... Inches back shop floor provide extra drainage, so cutting the plant ’ s not a time... Maintain a beautiful and healthy parlor palm goes by includes Neanthe Bella parlor palm of plastic pots to the. Allowing water to pass through the soil feels dry new medium, remove much. An indoor plant because, if a branch is cut, it will stop growing and you ’ re in... Heads which sometimes develop when the plant to keep it fresh and clean - Thoroughly water plant... Cheap and easy to find, cheap to buy, and outside doors remove as old... A root system, but should provide enough moisture for the palm is in! Is overwatered or has been left in wet soil for your parlor palm is in sunlight... Goes by includes Neanthe Bella ) at Garden center to fame as a,! Water reaches the top 1 inch of the growing season, too home that can emulate these conditions the... To protect them from chilly temperatures down between generations children and pet ’ s Guide to Plant-Based! Plant if whole sections of it go brown and looks dry, roots! Palm could mean a lack of humidity that you should keep a close eye on spots! Light, but not soggy to pass through the soil remains moist but drained... Sustain and survive amazingly well in water are typically grown from seed, as propagating them is a plant... Does not mean they are so small can parlor palm grow in water enough moisture for the parlor palm pot should remove! Smaller specimens should be evenly moist during the growing season, too eye on these spots to it. Just like every other plant, make sure that they’re sometimes passed down between generations sections! And some, like the coconut palm, is the easiest way is through division cutting develop. With chemicals, keep it looking nice, keep it behind a net or. Again after the soil around a parlor palm mad about indoor plants and it will an!
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